18 Wedding Ring Photo Ideas for Your Big Day

Your photographer’s got the shots of Statement Ring covered. You’ve made time for every wedding day portrait you need to snap with your friends and family. And of course you’re planning for some tear-jerking Antique Ring with your soon-to-be-hubby. But what about those wedding rings? Your wedding day bling deserves its own moment in the spotlight — it’s the symbol of your forever love, after all!
These 62 wedding ring photos are all about the sparkle, capturing that special symbol in all its glory. Whether sitting amongst your getting ready gear, nestled within your bouquet’s blooms, or laying on a handwritten love note from your spouse, the wedding bling takes center stage here! These ultra-unique snapshots go way beyond just a zoomed-in pic of your Adjustable Ring. Instead, they capture not only the beauty of your new bling, but all they represent.

Wedding rings are finally getting their close-up! Click through these 62 must-take photos for some serious big day inspiration.

Wedding photography is all about the details — from capturing the happy tears in your eyes to the velvety petals of your blooming bouquet. Another one of those unforgettable big day details? Your engagement ring and wedding bands, of course! Before those bands are slipped onto your fingers as a symbol of your eternal devotion to one another, have your photographer snap a sweet shot of those diamond dazzlers where they can truly shine.

  • Show Off Together

Snuggle up to your newly-minted spouse for an arm-in-arm photo that focuses on those new rings.

  • Embrace It

Have your photographer snap a ring-centric pic of your embrace, as you take that first wedded spin on the dance floor.

  • Simple and Natural

For nature-inspired nuptials, pose those pretty rings with a bit of organic greenery.

  • Boast with Your Bouquet

While this bride’s bouquet is undeniably lovely, her wedding ring still takes center stage!

  • Incorporate Nature

Utilize the succulent trend by adorning their crisp leaves with your wedding rings.

  • Capture While Getting Ready

During your getting ready sesh, snap a pic of your engagement ring while wearing your silk bridal robe.

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